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Mobile possible, but desktop easier.

How it works:
Use the search boxes below to show potential songs. If you know exactly what date you want a track from then search by show. Once you click the correct show in the resulting dropdown the songs from that show will show below. Select the set you want to add the song to in your show and click the song link. Search again to pull in a new list of potential songs. Searching by song will provide popular options for songs if you are not able to remember dates. Empty sets will not be displayed. Once your setlist looks the way you want give it a name and click the create show button.

Your Setlist

once it looks the way you want, give your show a name and create show.
remove selected song
set 1
set 2
set 3


Track Search

know exactly which show you want to select a song song from?
know which song but unsure on the date?

add to: set 1  |  set 2  |  set 3  |  encore
(your list of potential songs will show here)